First Official Photos Of Blackeberry’s Android Phone “Blackberry Priv”


Blackberry has finally bowed to pressure and is releasing a fully fledged Android device called Blackberry Priv. No, this isn’t just another Blackberry 10 device, it’s a device running Android OS to be released before the end of the year.

Physical keyboards have been a part of Blackberry devices for a long time and a lot of Blackberry fans were excited at the prospects of a Blackberry hardware with a physical keyboard powered by world’s most popular mobile operating system when the images first leaked.

It’s no longer rumor now as Blackberry confirmed this in a blog post today with official images of the new device.

Formerly called blackberry Venice, the name “Priv” is said to stand for privacy and the device is aimed at those who take privacy and security seriously on their mobile device . According to
Blackberry, Because it’s Powered By Android, PRIV will also deliver the
largest choice in apps and the most secure experience possible to the widest audience. PRIV users will enjoy choice,
innovation, security, privacy AND productivity. In other words, no compromises.

Here are the first official images of the device:

The curved display reminds one of Samsung Galaxy Edge but the device still retains Blackberry’s signature, the physical keyboard. The device doesn’t look any different from the images previously leaked on the Internet.

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