PHOTOS: Details Of Saraki’s Mighty Assets In & Outside Nigeria.


According to Sahara Reporters, new documents have been obtained, revealing Senate President Bukola Saraki’s asset declaration in 2003.

The documents come hours after the online news medium reported that the Code of Conduct Tribunal formally charged the embattled Senate President with 13 counts of financial crime, money laundering, and unexplained assets. Mr. Saraki’s trial is expected to commence tomorrow, September 18, 2015, as
he has been officially served today with the charges. Sahara Reporters has published a series of investigative reports detailing Senator Saraki and his wife, Toyin Saraki’s, career of plundering Societe Generale Bank, where he was an executive director and in which the senator’s family had controlling shares, as well as the finances of Kwara State during his eight-year tenure as governor.

An investigation by the Special Fraud Unit of the Nigerian Police Force revealed that Mr. Saraki not only went on a massive stealing spree that contributed to the collapse of Societe General Bank, but that he also masterminded a series of fraudulent schemes by taking out loans and bribing bank officials not to collect on those loans. Altogether, Bukola Saraki
has accumulated millions of dollars in unexplained expenses and assets.The latest documents offer a glimpse into his life of unexplained luxury and asset accumulation. The asset declaration forms also offer a glimpse into Mr. Saraki’s clever manoeuvres to conceal his stolen wealth by passing off some
assets to his wife, Toyin Saraki, and their two children, Semi Saraki and Teniola Saraki.

It is remarkable that Mr. Saraki’s 2003 Declaration of Assets Forms were filed on May 12, 2003, seventeen days before he
was sworn into office as Governor of Kwara State. Therefore, the assets he declared in the forms reflected the wealth Mr. Saraki had accumulated before he began an extensive plundering of Kwara State funds.

Mr. Saraki’s 2003 asset declaration documents reveal his astonishing wealth with no explanation for how he obtained it.

He and his companies had more than N51.5 million in Nigeria when he submitted these forms to the Code of Conduct Bureau in 2003. Mr. Saraki also had cash assets, under his name or
those of his companies, of at least 2.9 million pounds sterling and $400,000 dollars in 2003. Now these are the real assets.

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