Photos: See The N40 Egg Soup “Broke” CRUTECH Students Cook To Survive


Someone who visited the Cross River University of Technology, Calabar, studenthostel sent this in. The person wrote… ”this is what CRUTECH students take as breakfast. I visited their hostel recently and I met these guys who used N40.00 (forty naira only) to cook soup. It was just an egg, salt and maggi.and they got a pot of soup and a very big bowel of eba which they ate in joyous mood. Though the guys did not permit me to take their pictures but they were proud to say that the meal is a balance diet. When i asked them
to tell me what made the egg soup a balanced diet, one of them started listing the ingredients such as

– Water
– Egg
– Protein
– Salt
– Maggi
– Palm oil
– Onions
– Pepper

Lol… Bad Sharp Guys… When u’re broke ehn ideas will start flowing ni πŸ™‚