10 Things You Should Know About The Statue Of Liberty


In honor of the 129th anniversary of the dedication of Lady Liberty, we decided to share some little known facts about one of America’s most iconic landmarks.

From her perch on Liberty island, she watches over ships and their cargo as they entered New York Harbor. True to
the intended design of being a shining beacon welcoming the “…tired, poor,the huddled masses yearning for freedom…,” Lady Liberty has become synonymous with America and freedom.

Originally named Liberty Enlightening the World, the Statue is actually more accessible than you’d think. It’s surrounded by a bank of live-action cameras that you can visit online and watch the statue in real-time.

Measuring 305 ft 1 in., from the ground to the tip of the flame, the statue’s foot is 25 ft long (that’s a U.S. women’s shoe size of 879), and if Edison had his way, she’d be ‘speaking’ to you. The inventor wanted to install a large disc with recorded messages, so she could ‘deliver
speeches’ that could be heard across the bay. Thankfully that didn’t pan out, it would have been really weird, even for Edison.

Here are ten more facts about one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks.


At 151 ft 1 in., from the base to torch, the Statue was once the tallest structure in the USA, even longer than the Brooklyn Bridge. Constructing this monument required 300 sheets of copper, hammered to the thickness of two pennies and riveted together over a wood frame. The construction cost the French $250,000 in 1886, around
$6,410,256 today. But what is it worth now?

Assuming we want to scrap the structure for quick cash, how much can we get for all that copper? The statue weighs 62,000 pounds, and scrap copper is selling for $2.00 per pound today. So the Statue of Liberty contains $124, 000 worth of scrap copper. Adding the extra 250,000 pounds of scrap steel, you can get another $3,000 totaling $127,000 – a far cry from the $6M+ that it cost to build; thank goodness America isn’t cash-strapped. LOL 🙂


Many see the Statue as an enduring symbol of freedom and democracy, but conspiracy theorists believe the statue harbors much darker secrets. They claim it’s the resting place of the Holy Grail, that the face was based on Elvis Presley, that it’s an Illuminati monument. Many of
these claims stem from the fact that the architect and builder, Bartholdi and Eiffel were both Freemasons.

These theorists claim the statue was erected as a physical and metaphorical symbol of the Illuminati’s power over
everyone. They go on to point out the similarities between Lady Liberty and the Olympic Torch, the Columbia Pictures logo and Rockefeller’s Standard Oil logo, all companies ‘controlled’ by the Illuminati.

Yeah, right.

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