5 Real Reasons Why Alison-Madueke Was Arrested (READ)


The arrest of Diezani Alison-Madueke in London might become one of the loudest cases of a top Nigerian official prosecution.

Personality of the former petroleum minister has been
associated with a series of corruption scandals and

The arrest comes days after President Buhari met with senior UK’s officials David Cameron and Gordon Brown in the course of his visit to New York. It should be recalled that during that very US trip the Nigerian leader also named himself as petroleum minister.

1. Private jets purchase:
The minister was once accused of having spent N10 billion of public funds to charter, operate and maintain a jet for her private use.

2. More embezzling:
About a year ago Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, who was at that time the acting CBN governor, said Diezani was among those who should be held responsible for disappearance of $20 billion in oil revenues from the national treasury.

3. Indian commissioner has a say:
The Indian High Commissioner to Nigeria, Ajjampur R.
Ghanashyam, has recently insisted that the NNPC had used
intermediaries in the annual $14 billion deal instead of just
signing a long-term agreement with New Delhi during Diezani’s term in office.

“How many years is it? Nine years. Even to get the concession is not possible, and the money is not refunded to us. For nine years your country has been sitting on this, and they make us go round and round and round. We buy $15 billion worth of crude oil per year and we have the potential of importing $50 billion worth of crude oil from Nigeria.”

4. Generous $250 million from Deizani to Buhari?:
The former minister was said to have offered this huge amount to the federal government in order to receive immunity from prosecution and investigation of any kind.

5. Asylum seeker:
One of the facts that might serve as prove of the illegality of the ex-miniter’s activities is that following Buhari’s inauguration, Diezani was seeking an asylum abroad. It was reported that she had been refused on by at least six countries.

Her official media aide dismissed stories saying she had never even applied for any asylum.