5 Small Things That Can Help You Judge Your Man’s Character


It could be really hard to notice some traits in a man when you first meet him, especially when your head’s in the cloud
because you have a romantic interest in him.

Even if you decide to look at his personality, you can’t figure it all at once. The best you can do is to get a general idea about him from the little ways he handles his relationship with people around him.

According to All Women Stalk, here are some small things that can help you figure out what a man’s character is like:

1. How he relates with strangers: Trying paying close attention to the way he treats people who are lower than him status-wise and how he relates with elderly strangers too. Is he as respectful as he should be to them?

2. How he reacts when he’s angry: What kind of action does he
take when he’s angry. You can learn a lot about him from his reaction. Are his actions healthy or violent? Next page for more