7 Benefits Of Being A Side Chick (MUST READ)


As a guy or lady, it kinda pays to have or be a side chick. The reasons are not far fetched……….

1. It’s acceptable by the society: We don’t want to call it cheating, and more importantly, we need to make it seem right.

So a nice name had to be given. It’s like saying baby daddy instead of ‘out of wedlock”. In the real sense of it, a side chick is another lady you are seeing or dating. It’s a funkified and refurbished word for cheating. Since the society frowns at cheating, we get someone who is just like an assistant girlfriend.

2. Lesser drama: The main bae is consoled that she’s got number 1 spot, and so can careless about the side ones. And from the side chick’s perspective, she knows she isn’t he main, and doesn’t have to bother herself about mundane, petty and trivial issues. As a guy, you eat your cake and have it. Lucky guys would be side dude to a side chick. This just makes it even. Just be careful to not rub it in the face of the side chick that she’s on the side.

3. Emotional stability: If the main is acting up, small thing. Call
the side bae, and talk to her. She fills in the gap, and before you know it, you are more emotionally stable. When either acts up, the other is there as solace for you. If both act up, get a second side chick!!! From the lady’s end, because she knows the rules of the game, her heart is basically not involved, so there’s no room for heart skip or break.


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