8 Things That Show It Is Time To let Go Of Your Friendship


Friendships are not meant to be forced. Sometimes you realise, that the once loving relationship you had with that friend fizzled out and you both have nothing in common anymore.

It doesn’t mean you have to fight with that friend to end things, it means you don’t have to deal with putting up with them as you guys don’t look at life the same way anymore.

It’ll be more painful if you have to fake being friends with them than staying true to yourself.

According to Life H@cks, here are some reasons it’s okay to let go:

1. When you no longer trust them and their loyalty is questioned. A friend who only comes around when the going is
good isn’t a friend.

2. When keeping your friendship is toxic and will destroy your life.

3. When you no longer share life goals with that friend. It doesn’t mean you should banish that person totally, but seldom contact is required.

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