Finally! Lamar Odom Leaves Hospital Bed, Communicates With Sign Language


Lamar Odom who was found unconscious last week at a brothel in Crystal, Nevada has made an impressive recovery at the
hospital as he now breathes on his own and sits up on a chair.

The former LA Lakers star, for the first time, could socialize and move around, and is ‘heading in the right direction,’ E!

Odom also passed a swallow test, a promising sign of neurological function and an important step becausedoctors
took out his breathing tube and needed to ensure he could swallow on his own.

The 35-year-old was also helped out of his bed for the first time since being hospitalized Tuesday night. He was moved with assistance into a chair and his breathing showed no signs of distress. He continues to wear a mask to aid the flow of oxygen but he’s breathing on his own.

The former L.A. Lakers star is communicating mainly with hand signals, thumbs up or thumbs down. We hear he’s attempting to communicate with words but his speech is more or less limited to mumbles at this point.

The word is, however, that Lamar is “heading in the right direction. This is great progress but there is always the
possibility for setbacks.”

Odom was found unconscious Tuesday afternoon at a brothel in Crystal, Nevada, after what doctors would later treat as a
drug overdose. He was intubated at a hospital in nearby Pahrump and then transported to Sunrise Hospital in Vegas.