Hehe! Blac Chyna Takes Down Her Future Tattoo After He Dissed The Shii Out Of Her On Instagram


Tyga’s baby’s mama Blac Chyna may
have FINALLY come to her senses. You see, that BRD was under the impression that she actually had some sort of RELATIONSHIP with Future. She even went out and got a tattoo of his name on her hand.

Well the homie Future SET HER STRAIGHT yesterday, when he told the world that he is NOT her boyfriend.

We spoke with one of Chyna’s GOOD FRIENDS who tell us that Chyna is “crushed.” The insider told MTO, “Chyna’s going to have the tattoo
laser removed.”

And that seems about right . . a quick look on Chyna’s Instagram page has her DELETING the tattoo pic . . . and replaced it with a photo showing that she’s SINGLE.

Hehe 🙂