How I Picked Body Parts From My Toilet – Abuja Resident


Arase, a cleaner in an organisation in Nigeria, lives in Nyanya with his wife and their seven days old baby.

He said he had just gone to bed some minutes after 9pm when the twin blasts happened in the location. “I went to bed after 9 pm and few minutes after that, I think 10.30 pm or so, that was when the bomb blast happened.

You know, the thing blasted there now (pointing to the scene) so, the pieces now blasted and scattered everywhere,”

ARASE said. He said:“I picked one from the zinc, another one from the toilet and I still cannot explain how they got in there.” A low fence separates Arase’s house from the night market where the blast happened; the fence also came down due to the blast. Most of the body parts picked, Arase said was immediately handed over to the security operatives who put the in a box for investigation. Source: