‘Intelligent Fire Conference’ – A New Generation #IntelligentFire


“The Waterbrook Church” is proud to unveil the maiden
edition of its ‘Intelligent fire Conference’ starting on
Friday the 16th – Sunday the 18th of October, 2015 at the
Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria island, Lagos.

The Intelligent Fire Conference is the first of its kind,
paradigm-shifting conference set on awakening this
generation to purpose while delivering an enduring call
of cultural renewal, personal transformation, societal
reformation, and restoration of social justice to Lagos.

In today’s complex, challenging and fast-paced world,
life presents daily challenges and we can easily get lost
in the treadmill of activities. These ever-connected
generations of digital natives are confronted with a
watershed of information, pushing the boundaries of
morality and blurring the lines between sacred and
secular. From media to entertainment, fashion and
lifestyle to creative arts; many are perplexed on how to
navigate this cesspool. Unsuspecting young people are
being enlisted and radicalized in their quest for more
meaning in life. Advocacy is becoming the new religion;
ideologies are becoming gods, s£xu@l!ty is being
redefined and gender neutrality is gaining momentum.

In line with this, The Waterbrook Church has positioned
The intelligent Fire Conference to engage Kingdom
minded artists, thinkers, creative-innovators, cultural
agents, mind shapers and other thought leaders
alongside the nation’s most inspirational church
leaders and kingdom-inspirers, who will equip and
champion the desire to establish God’s kingdom,
explore innovative ideas and give accurate responses.

This conference ultimately aims to alter perceptions,
inspire a new sense of vision and direction for people to
lead and pioneer movements that will usher the next
move of God.

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