Jose Mourinho’s Comments After Chelsea’s Loss to Liverpool


Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool piled the pressure on Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho as his side secured a hugely
impressive first Premier League win since his taking charge at Anfield.

Coutinho’s double strike put Liverpool in front after a Ramirez header. Benteke came in later on to make it 3 -1 and secure the 3 points.

Speaking to BBC after the game, Mourinho said he’s sad.

“I can’t express my feelings in any way at all. You are not just here to interview me. You are also here to see the game. What I see from my players was good until the moment they felt it was impossible to do better.

“The fans are not stupid, I don’t need to tell them anything.

They know how much myself and the players are trying.

“They know why they are getting bad results. The fight goes on, but sometimes there are fights very impossible to win.

You go to a fight with different ammunition. I can play against any team or manager.”