Justin Bieber “Purpose” (Album Art + Tracklist)


Justin Bieber will be dropping a new studio album titled “Purpose” on 13th November,2015. The album features top American music acts and below is the full album track list:

1. “Mark My Words”
2. “I’ll Show You”
3. “ What Do You Mean?”
4. “Sorry”
5. “Love Yourself”
6. “Company”
7. “No Pressure” feat. Big Sean
8. “No Sense” feat. Travis Scott
9. “The Feeling” feat. Halsey
10. “Life Is Worth Living”
11. “Where Are Ü Now” feat. Skrillex and Diplo
12. “Children”
13. “ Purpose”
14. “Been You”
15. “Get Used to Me”
16. “We Are” feat. Nas
17. “Trust”
18. “All In It”
19. “ What Do You Mean? (Remix)” feat. Ariana Grande