Kylie Jenner Flaunts Huge Shoe Closet At Her $2.7million Mansion


I haven’t really imagined a girl who doesn’t like her shoes….

Kylie Jenner is one girl that loves her shoes and it’s little wonder she has an immense closet with a separate walk-in wardrobe just for her shoes.

The 18-year-old reality star shared a video on her subscription website, showing off her designer heels
as she admits she is lucky to have so many pairs.

‘This is like my favorite room ever,’ she said, walking into the wardrobe. ‘My assistant says that I’m a hoarder, so I got rid of a bunch of my shoes.’ ‘This was never a shoe closet before, I added all these shelves,’ Kylie told fans. ‘It’s pretty much every girl’s dream, I’ve always wanted a shoe closet.’

And a closet like this is truly every girls dream, we will only keep dreaming until it becomes reality!