Mp3: Empire Cast – Conqueror (Featuring Estelle & Jussie Smollett)


Here comes a top track from your favourite t.v series “Empire” featuring estelle & jussie smollett. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD Mp3: Empire Cast – Conqueror (Featuring Estelle & Jussie Smollett)


  1. I love jamal… Cokie is my mentor, she is crazy ND harkem is my boy den my powerful Luscious u r my boom boom boom…. Love u all

  2. I love empire. though at first I Neva wanted to watch it,but my friend persuaded me to watch it. since then it has become my nail biting movie. I can’t wait for d remaining seasons to b released

  3. empire is the best,it make u dream,i luv lucious he is my best,i also luv jamal and his voice is an inspiration,i luv cookie and her fashion,she’s crazy.i luv adrian and his wife,as for hakeem luv him too

  4. All my Love to cookie she keeps my brain open powerful,daring,confident bold,she never accept defeats.
    And Jamal his voice chai I don melt finish since I love good music. Hakeem baddest guy Takes no cheat. Lucious the perfect game player

  5. i think everyone in empire really played their part. Andrian is handsome,jamal cutie and hakeem fierce and strong though he is the baby of the cast. Jamal looks vunerable but he’s same as Lucious,a lion inside…for cookie,she just the bomb! i so love her role,so good at it!

  6. empire is a movie dat inspire pipo,it gives hope to pipo almost giving up,it makes u want to show ur talent,empire is one of a kind.jamal nd his lovly voice is just a miracle,hakeem’s voice is beautiful,andria is a gud business man nd lucious nd cookie are d perfect couple

  7. empire family was grt mostly hakeem i love his raps
    lucious the baddest daddy salute to jumal i cant wait for the remaining seasons.

  8. i lov empire…wow can’t wait 4 the upcoming season…Jamal ua voice is amazing, plus harkeen …love u all

  9. O. M. G I lve Jamal,hakeem is cookie is my model and luscious is my beast I love him can’t wait 4 d remainin seasons of EMPIRE

  10. Jamal’s voice gives me goosebumps. Can’t listen to any of his songs without shedding a tear. It goes directly to my soul. #lovejussiesmollet

  11. Hakeem is dope, but Jamal is on fire, cookie I love so much…. L. Lyon is just a bitch….! no disrespect…

  12. I luv Jamal(my role model) specially,and den cookie Nd er weird character and den Hakeem d baddest rapper well luscious is’nt left out and the born again Andre.I also like tiana.

  13. I love lucious bcus he is a star and he rule d world nt d street
    I love cookie bcus she no send nobody
    I love andre bcus he became an holy man
    I love jamal bcus he has a lovely voice
    I love hakeem bcus he has a rhyme and a swag

  14. I really love conqueror as my best track. I love Lucious,and cookie their characters. Jumal is my best for singing so adorable and angelic voice. Hakeem so insulted, Andre I like u and ur wife, anika deserved to die I don’t want to see her again in other returns. I love u all empire great family.

  15. I so love this jamal of a guy….. lovely voice though I dnt do gay. Hakeem’s got the swag n rhymes_he’s a real rap star. As for cookie…dnt go there, she’s the BOMB

  16. I love cookie. That lady is crazy and coded. I also love jamal. He is a good guy. What i understood is that he practises gay but inside of him he loves women and he is scared of accepting it. Maybe bcos the gay association may kick against him. remember they contributed to his famous life too. He is a good guy

  17. I luv jamal as if i want to marry him and become a member of d empire i likewise has a beautiful voice

  18. I love Luscius’commitment to his business; cookie for her energetic inspirations; Hakeem,ilove his attitude n passion towards music even he can’t do without women…n to d boss(Andre),Just like Lucius…doesn’t joke with business… In fact, I love y’all

  19. Just started watching and its been very interesting, the songs and voices are wow…Very inspiring, most of all i love the fact that they are always united as a family, respect love and listens to each other, kudos to cookie its not on head that shes an ex-wife,she knows the right button to press for each of them

  20. I luv jamal,his voice sounds so angelic and he gives me an inspiration whenever he’s singing,i luv u jussie smullet.

  21. I ♥ empire
    But of all I heart Jamal, he’s amazing and talented as said.I love you Jussie Smolette

  22. I ♥ empire
    But of all I heart Jamal, he’s amazing and talented as said.I love you Jussie Smullete

  23. Cookie and Jamal are my burst. I love cookie and I adore Jamal. As a matter of fact, empire is the best. These twisted family Rock my world

  24. l love cokie,Hakeem Jamal,Andrea n 1daful luscious i never get tired of watching empire nice family