7 Kinds Of Men Women Fall For Every Time


Ever wondered why some men get all the women while other find it hard to get the attention of one woman. Most times it’s not about his looks or physical attributes like a nice 6-pack.

Maybe it’s just his personality that draws these women like a magnet.

Inspired by Times of India, here are some types of men that women are mostly drawn to:

1. The confident man: This guy has his self-confidence in check and is sure of himself, these qualities combined gives off an aura of power and control. He can’t be pushed to jealousy when other men are around his woman. This confident quality makes women want him more.

2. The artistic man: This kind of man carries a bag full of creativity with him. He has no problem drawing up a painting or writing his woman a love song. He makes his woman feel unique and special with his creative mind.

3. The thoughtful/attentive guy: Women are emotional beings and will fall in love with a guy who understands the way they feel. A guy who treats women well is almost always irresistible
to women.

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