Ogun state residents Calls for Help Save Our Soul From Mutairu Owoeye Boys. We were Been Cut To Sizes see Photos


Why? On daily basis if we don’t loss life,they cut us to sizes. Is it a sin to live where we were born? Is it an offense to own properties? I imagine why this continue to prosper in a country we have security agents like the Nigeria Police Force (N.P.F). We have made myriad of complain to the (N.P.F) of Sango division in which it takes the interference of the OPMESA operatives to make one effective_and that’s the case of an innocent boy Akindele Seun that was willingly murdered.

Recently on 09/11/2015,we reported a case of Mr,Arubo that was recklessly cut to sizes at Mosheri village in Atan-Ota Ogun state by these Owoeye boys led by Chief Yemi the Otun Oba of Koko.

The case is still fresh at Sango police division. Nothing effective has been done on it. The unbelievable and ugly part of it all is that,since last week Monday we have made the complain,no single arrest has been made by the Policemen of our division (Sango).

Does it mean these people are above the law or the NPF are scared of them? Seriously,gradually we are lossing confidence in Nigeria police. For how long would these policemen of Sango division continue to embrace hoodlums to intimidate and victimize us? To us,they are becoming unreliable and ineffective element.

We hereby plead to you to do in your usual manner clinically investigate these matter towards bringing Justice to our area and cleans the stains the Area Commander of Sango division has caused on the entire NPF reputation.

Thanks for your usual passion for Justice and the less privilege Nigerians. The picture of Mr Arubo that was cut to sizes is available for further investigation

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