The Headies Organisers Release Statement Addressing Drama At The Awards Night (READ)


Read the official statement from Headies Awards
Organization below:

We are proud of what we have achieved over the years.

The Headies stage has birthed the careers of many
artistes who are of A-list status today. We are also glad
that we have reinstated pride and prestige into the
winning of a locally organised music awards and, we
have celebrated artistic ingenuity for 10 straight years; a
feat no other group before us was able to achieve.

Every year, the screening team collate all creative
materials released in the year in review and screen for
nomination. This tedious process goes on for at least
three months before the screening team comes out with
a final list. The voting categories, such as ‘Song Of The
Year’, ‘Artist Of The Year’, & ‘Next-Rated’ are left strictly
for fans to vote and choose the winners. We wish to say
categorically that we do not tamper with the outcome of
the voting process. The limit of our involvement in this
voting process is to advice the nominees to engage their
fans and solicit for their votes. We do not accept any
responsibility for failure on the part of the nominees or
their record label, when they fail to do this.

Unfortunately, most times, Voting, Year In Review and
Definitions Of Each Category, are generally taken for
granted by many artists. We can also attest to, and
hereby state categorically that, there is no evidence that
any of the artistes aggrieved and vocal about their
displeasure to the turnout of the award, voted in the
‘Next-Rated’ category, as our voting process captures
email addresses and phone numbers.

We have ensured that the awards happened regardless
of sponsorship, and that it gets better with each passing
year, without giving excuses about challenges. We may
not have gotten everything 100% right, but integrity has
been our watch-word. The 109 Nigerian artistes that
have won can attest to the fact that they did nothing
different from those that have not. Awards by nature,
are and will always remain, controversial except every
nominee gets one.

We try to ensure that winners are within reach before
announcing their category, as the whole essence of
celebrating talents will be defeated without that.

While it is not out of place for an artiste or a party to vent
their disapproval, we strongly condemn all kinds of
improper conduct and the use of profanity on live
television. In the same manner, we condemn provocative
comments. In all, we see no use or reason for a
disgruntled artiste or party to destroy valuable
properties put in place to give them extra comfort before
they perform or come on stage. This is totally
unacceptable and will be addressed.

We congratulate all nominees and winners of The
Headies 2015 and wish them a more successful 2016.

– Headies Secretariat.