Vic O vs Falz: Falz Says No To Vic O’s Reconciliation Request


Vic O wants to reconcile with Falz after he promised to
murder Falz with a diss track (READ HERE).

Seeing Olamide and Don Jazzy reconcile has prompted
Vic O to tweet at Falz for settlement believing fans will
also hail them like they did to Olamide and Don Jazzy.

In Vic O’s tweet, he said; “Ah ah! See the way everyone is
hailing Don jazzy & Olamide.. @falzthebahdguy let us too
shake hand and take picture ooo.. Where are you??”
Falz shocked him with a ‘NO’ slap.

Falz’ response has geared up Nigerians on twitter with a
lot of arguments with fans taking sides.

According to Falz; “Nufin like shakin hands..Only gon
shake your soul @vicotvs @falzthebahdguy”

What’s next? A diss track or settlement?

Stay Tuned! 😉

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