PHOTO: Man Whose Wife Gave Birth to 5 Babies Cries Out for Help


A man whose wife gave birth to five babies at once has cried out for help as the blessings now seems like curse because of the heavy burden placed on him. A man whose pregnant wife gave birth to quintuplets (each of five children born at one birth) has cried out for help and financial a$$istance to sustain his wife and babies.

It was all joy when the wife delivered but the joy melted away after the man who is struggling to feed his family now has five babies to feed in this hard economic period.

Now the 32-year-old Alfa Yusuf Rasaq Ewenje cannot cope with the demands of feeding five babies at the same time and has cried out for help.

His wife 28-year-old Sakirat Rasaq gave birth to quintuplets on Monday at the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan.

The man’s wife, who was in purdah, was at exactly 8.45 a.m delivered of the five babies: three males and two females at the Oyo State Special-Care Baby Unit of the hospital. Rasaq, an Islamic cleric, said:

“We first got wind of the blessing from Allah when she had a scan at three months. At that point, we knew she was having five babies in her tommy.

The management at Adeoyo later referred us to the UCH for adequate medical attention because of my wife’s condition.”

He has pleaded with Nigerians in an interveiw to render any a$$istance they can to help in the upkeep of the babies. He said, if nothing is done to help his condition, it might affect the lives of his children. Rasaq said the burden on him now is too much to carry.

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  1. God You are wonderful. Pls ho God remember those that have none. Let this year be their year of joy .Amen!!!!!!!