British entertainer Sir Lenny Henry says Will Smith has stopped ‘being black’, slams BBC & Academy awards as white institutions


British comedian, actor, TV presenter and singer Sir Lenny Henry has slammed black actors like Will Smith for refusing to stay true to their race once they become successful. He also hit out at the lack of minority actors in the Film and TV industry, labeling the BBC and the recently held Academy Awards as ‘white institutions’.

The 57 year old in an interview with Sunday People said:

‘If a movie makes more than a hundred dollars, some black people stop being black – they become Will Smith.’

‘The Oscars were ridiculous. The only brown person nominated was the bear in Leo Dicaprio’s film, The Revenant.’

‘I worked at the BBC for 35 years before I had a meeting with anyone who looks like me. The only people like me were cleaning the corridors and that is not right,’ he said.

‘You walk into the Beeb and it is very, very white. That is not anybody’s fault.
You can be in an oppressive institution and not be an oppressor ‘All the diversity work that has been going on is appreciated – but until – behind the camera is sorted out you are not going to see much change.’

Source: Metro UK