LYRICS: Jub Jub – Ke Kopa Tshwarelo Ft. Tshepo Tshola


LYRICS: Jub Jub - Ke Kopa Tshwarelo Ft. Tshepo Tshola

Jub Jub – Ke Kopa Tshwarelo Lyrics Ft. Tshepo Tshola


[Verse 1]
Abba father who at in heaven
Hallowed be thy name **
My life was too fast **
Life’s all about the good life and impression **
I pray for forgiveness
Lord I can? deal with the silence
Standing by you
Don’t know all I need from you is guidance **
Steping cold, driving reckless
Thought I was ** living life to its fullness
Restless **
I’m creeping for a second chance
Now I know where my life starts
With a purpose, Just wanna tell you about the **
No more wrong turn
I just hope that

To be added soon…

[Verse 2]
Salute to you
To my wife, my siblings
I know that deep down in heartile
You stand by me even though I brought home ?
I hope you find it deep in your heart to forgive me so that I can play my part
Wished we never grow apart ** no matter what
From the bottom of my heart **
I don’t know where to start
Thanking them, I never thought to stay? will overcome it
What I’ve become
Lord knows I meant no harm
I was never this calm
Only prayer? my palm now I can overcome
Any obstacles?

To be added soon…

[Verse 3]
Kindly assist us with this (SOUTH AFRICANS), I don speak zulu 🙂

I beg for forgiveness Mama
I beg for forgiveness Papa
I beg for forgiveness my brother
I beg for forgiveness my sister
I beg for forgiveness my country
I beg for forgiveness my Lord


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