7 Reasons You Just Can’t Fall In True Love


You seek true love but don’t want to end up hurting your lover and yourself, it is true that finding unconditional love in humans is not an easy search but you could be dating someone who truly loves you and you just can’t fall in true love with them, even if you really like them a lot and love dating them.

The mind plays its own tricks on us, you will be surprise that as much as you are seeking true love, you might be the one
holding yourself back from love.

  • You think it’s too early to commit: because you’re still having so much fun you think you haven’t dated enough people to “settle”.
  • You still have feelings for your ex: you’ve invested so much feelings in your past relationship and memories of the good times both of shared together still dominates your
  • If you’ve always believed you’ve been right: you haven’t
    learnt any lessons or picked any flaws about yourself, you don’t self-reflect on your mistake from your past relationships and correct yourself.
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