Toyin Aimakhu Fires Back At Fan Who Says Her Hapiness Is Incomplete Without Her Husband


Actress Toyin Aimakhu may have struggled to ride an hoverboard but she faced no issue responding to a fan who says she can’t be happy without her husband after she shared a fun 15 seconds long Instagram video of herself in Lagos traffic.

Toyin wrote on Instagram:

“Happiness is the key to life be happy for ursef,I’m super super happy.. #streetoflagos”

The fan responded:

“U might be happy but without ur husband ur happiness is incomplete and we ur fans are not happy with d situation on ground.pls ma don’t leave ur matrimonial home.I love u

Toyin Aimakhu fired back saying:

“Ur happiness won’t be complete without a man..were wa Lori elo mi sha kilode..did u pple advise me to marry u more”

PS: “were wa Lori elo mi sha kilode” means “some people have mental problems”

Toyin Aimakhu famously left her husband after he caught him cheating. Her husband has since apologized but she didn’t take him back


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