David Beckham ‘Stormed Off’ After Being Mistaken For Ricky Geravis

According to new reports footballer hunk, David Beckham, was left less than impressed when fans confused him for comic Ricky Gervais during a SoulCycle
workout session in Los Angeles.

Despite the fact the two men look absolutely nothing alike, these passer-bys didn’t recognise David for the sexy
underwear billboards that he poses for, instead thinking that he was actual David Brent.

Speaking to The Daily Star, a source revealed: “David was very friendly with the first few people in line who were
saying things like, ‘Hey, Ricky’ and ‘Would you mind signing this, Ricky?’

“But it swiftly became clear that he was well and truly p*ssed off at being mistaken for a guy who is quite a lot
older than him and, with the best will in the world, will never be in the same sort of physical shape.”

According to this insider, Becks made his excuses and swept himself off to the changing rooms, with the “anger”
at his mistaken identity apparently written all over his face.

They added: “He stormed off to the changing rooms with a bright red face and a very angry expression, refusing to
talk to anyone else at all.”

We have to admit, with David being famous for his laid-back persona, it is unlike him not to see the funny side of
the mishap…

…Still, when you’ve just finished a Soulcycle session you’re probably not in the mood to be posing for pics with people who don’t even seem to know who you are, are you?

Don’t worry, Dave, we don’t think that we could ever confuse you for, well, anybody.

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