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Men and women can look forward to a fulfilling $ex life and guaranteed happy relationship by learning this top secret that guarantees better $ex.

Researchers have found one important secret that can help improve your $ex life for the better. According to a recent research, men who do their fair share of the housework are more likely to have better $ex lives, a study says. Researchers studied the bedroom activity of more than 1,300 couples to arrive at that conclusion. They discovered that when male partners made a fair contribution to housework, the couple experienced more frequent $exual encounters, and each partner reported higher $exual satisfaction one year later.

Dr Matt Johnson, of Canada’s University of Alberta, said: “The amount is going to mean something different based on the couple’s own expectations and comparisons with other couples.” Dr Johnson who led the research, studied people in Germany, where men are traditionally expected to do fewer household chores and found out what wonders the top secret can do to a relationship.


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