1 Dead, 2 Quarantined As Lassa Fever Hits Taraba


Taraba State Government has reported an outbreak of
Lassa Fever in the state. The Commissioner of Health,
Innocent Vakkai has confirmed that one person has been
found dead while two other people have been quarantined.

He said: “One person died and two others quarantined and
their blood samples have already been taken to Irrua
Specialists’ Hospital in Edo State for further confirmation.

While explaining how the fever spreads, he said “People
usually get infected with the Lassa Virus after exposure to
infected rodents, while person to person transmission
occurs through direct contact with the sick person.”

“Other precautionary measures include putting food in
rodent proof containers and wearing protections such as
masks, gloves, gowns among others.”

He warned that anyone in the state found with nasal
bleeding or bleeding through the mouth and anus should
be rushed to the nearest hospital.


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