LYRICS: Burna Boy – Duro Ni Be Ft. Phyno


Lyrics Of Duro Ni Be By Burna Boy Ft. Phyno


[Burna Boy – Verse 1]
Okay make i start am from the genesis
Now before they couldn’t tell me anything
When i use to hustle for my Hennessey
Now na Hennessey they give me Hennessey
Take am easy make i roll my medicine
Me i no dey see my enemies
Malo binu binu why you mad at me
When i just dey hustle for my family
Omo everyday i just dey thank God
Say comon Tenant don turn to Landlord
I don’t know no friend i dey with my squad
Check am na my name dey for the sign board
All year am’a be on to hustle
I no get time to go award show
How me go go sit down dey start convo
With this hating industry n!ggas i don’t know
That na something wey i no go ever do
Me i rather focus on my revenue
Some people say dey no dey like my attitude
Street dey show me gratitude
‘Duro Ni Be

Kuro Ni Be oh
Moni malo Duro Ni Be oh
Kuro Ni Be oh
To ba gbo malo duro ni gbe
won gbe lo (x2) wan gbe wa
Nothing dey sup ma n!gga
won gbe lo (x2) wan gbe wa

[Phyno – Verse 2]
I’ve been balling ever since i was in secondary
Up till now nka na enye ha melody
”Hold up”
They been talking shit but i don’t really care
Nwanne onye machaa anyi tinye ya ogbunigwe
”Hold up”
Men di good and ima men di hood
And ima men di hood
And ima why di hood
That’s why you will never get the clue
So gbado anya use your tool
Before ichota my crew
I’m the motherfvckin’ truth
Iwughalia you go loose nwa
Kuo with us or you will get rolled over
Every year young anyi ka kwu ka old soldier
Nwa olokpa yi black anyi fu ya anwunya ya roja
And asa gi yi pink anyi na aku ya n’enu sofa
Wete list na table if not i’bu joker
Anyi kuchali large anyi ejekwa kuo na nke mma
Internationally local
Ain’t na play the game with local
Anya’m di na the money bia furu deali nna ebroker ‘nwa

Kuro Ni Be oh
Moni malo Duro Ni Be oh
Kuro Ni Be oh
To ba gbo malo duro ni gbe
won gbe lo (x2) wan gbe wa
Nothing dey sup ma n!gga
won gbe lo (x2) wan gbe wa


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