Question Of The Day!!! Dear NaijaExtra Fans – How Can Banana Fall On Somebody?


Question Of The Day!!! Dear NaijaExtraLites – How Can Banana Fall On Somebody?

Question Of The Day!!! Dear NaijaExtraLites – How Can Banana Fall On Somebody?

Hello beautiful people, we seriously need your help on this one!!

One of our fellow NaijaExtraLites sent us a mail earlier today. Read the content of the mail below;

“Dear NaijaExtra, I seriously need you guys help. My 4 year old daughter’s love for this new song FALL by Davido is growing stronger by the day. She loves the song to the extent that she can sing it word for word from the beginning till the end.

Just yesterday, she walked up to me and ask;

Daddy, what does it mean for banana to fall on someone?

I was shocked, I didn’t know how to answer the question. So, I told her it’s an idiomatic expression and further scope her that I will find out the real meaning and get back to her.

Please, I need to know the real meaning because my daughter will still come back and ask me again”.

Guys, it’s time to help a brother!

What Does It Really Mean For Banana To Fall On Someone?


We await your answers below!


  1. When women fall in love, they tend to stand under banana trees therefore it is only natural and in compliance to the laws of gravity for Banana toe sometimes fall on them.

  2. Banana fall on yhu, it’s just a word he (Davido) found more fun to the lyrics and yhu know in the music industry of today, artists uses anytin just promote their song, if yhu wanna ask start from shoki, shakiti Bobo,Eminado,Janta manta,,what does the words mean we don’t know,,we plays songs in Nigeria but it’s only d beat dat moves us somtimes


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